Internal event #1

One of our main activities as the ETH Entrepreneur Club is to organize some awesome events for everyone interested in the entrepreneurial world. But sometimes – to reward ourselves for our hard work – we organize some events just for our committee. One of these internal events happened last week. Thanks to collaboration with the ETH Career Center we had an amazing workshop for our committee members on the topic conflict management. Luckily, we have not faced any big conflicts in our club yet, but conflict management is definitely a topic that we will be facing in our future in both our career and private life. And the best way to prevent conflicts is to understand them.

Evelyne and Christine from the ETH Career Center started the input session with the question: What is actually a conflict? People often relate conflicts to violence – but this is actually just one of the possible outcomes of a conflict. In general a conflict is when people have different interest and do not agree on one opinion, which is a natural result of interaction with other people and therefore part of our daily life. When we are faced with a conflict, we have a very personal mode of dealing with that. To assess our personal mode, we all had the opportunity to use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. From that each of us was related to one of the five conflict modes: competing, accommodating, avoiding, collaborating and compromising. It was very interesting to see what modes are preferred in our club and it will definitely help us for working even better as a team. Then we finished the input session with discussing what the different benefits and weaknesses of each mode are and how we can further improve our conflict behavior on a personal level.

After the interesting workshop session, it was time to get active! Sven Stecher introduced us to O Gumdo – the art of combining mind with motion. No one of us had heard of this before, so we were all really curious. And as soon as we got our own soft swords (that had a strong resemblance with Star Wars light sabers) and started the training session, it turned out to be a huge amount of fun and probably the best team building opportunity we had until now. Each of the exercises presented a situation in our daily life and helped to understand how to deal for example when you are under stress. It was a great opportunity for us to have this session with Sven – who usually trains top managers and athletes – and would definitely recommend it to all other teams!


After these four really inspiring hours with the ETH Career Center and Sven from, we definitely deserved a good dinner. So we spent the rest of the evening in our coworking space enjoying good Lebanese food and cheerfully discussing about our next internal events.

 - Cristina Mercandetti, ETH Entrepreneur Club

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