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The ETH Entrepreneur Club is a non-profit, student-run initiative at ETH Zurich aiming to foster entrepreneurship and to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our mission is to  inspire a broad audience about entrepreneurship, to educate entrepreneurial-minded young people on how to accelerate ideas into startups. In our co-working space RocketHub, our ETH-related startups operate at the cutting edge of technology and science and are embedded in the entrepreneurial ETH community and ecosystem.

With the ETH Entrepreneur Club blog, we would like to offer you, avid reader and entrepreneurship enthusiast, the opportunity to not only take your place in the copilot’s seat but also be part of our journey. Be it by supporting you to launch your startup rocket to outer space or your general interest to discover the constantly evolving startup culture and ecosystem in Switzerland, we provide you with exclusive and innovative startup related content and give you insights into what it is like to be an early-stage entrepreneur, the mechanics of founding a startup and how to facilitate your growth. Take a step with us on your entrepreneurial journey and just simply dream it, do it.

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