Rocket Hub

The Rocket Hub is a co-working space for young startups to get started. Our team wants to build a community where one does not only get access to a great workspace but is also offered many ways to interact with and get to know new people. To build this community we use a combination of workshops and other events in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The floating desk system we use allows co-workers to often change spots – every day is new, and this is a great opportunity to get to know everyone! In addition to regular office rooms, we make available a conference room, a brainstorming space, as well as other rooms for relaxing, eating and connecting.



Pricing Policy

Depending on your team's size you can access our space for free; registering teams with up to 4 members is free! With every additional teammate after the fourth, the price increases by CHF 200.- per month.


Eligibility Criteria

The Rocket Hub wants to support idea- and early-stage startups constituted of Bachelor, Master or PhD students from Swiss Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts and ETH Spin-offs, or even a mix of students and non-students. The Rocket Hub is reserved for startups with an incorporation date not older than 1.5 years. Teams should not hold more than 6 people and can stay in our space for a duration up to 2 years. Non-students also have the chance to gain access for the Rocket Hub by participating in our startup competition: the EC Award.

Our Startups

9T LAbs


First Layer








Room Price Genie



Unicorn Labs

Up Stream Surfing



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