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There will be no EC Award this semester.



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, but all tickets are free. We want everyone to enjoy the evening, which is impossible without seats, food and drinks. Still we don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money on food and drinks – as we try to rise the prizes as much as we can.

Everyone – teams of arbitrary size. However, we require a connection to a Swiss university (you need to be or have been a student or researcher).

We do not allow funded ideas/startups. You must not be incorporated.

Yes, still the idea has to be considered ‘early-stage’.

The EC Award Qualification Committee will pick 15 teams demonstrating extraordinary quality for the elevator pitches. The 6-7 best teams get the chance to pitch at the EC Award. Furthermore, the committee will make sure to restrict participation to idea-stage projects.

Heuristic, not a rule: If your work brought you to a prototype for the purpose of getting feedback, great. If your past work already represents a respectable part of your product or business, you are no longer what we’re looking for.

Every team will have exactly 3 min to pitch. We will not let any team have a second of overtime (hint: there will be a gong!). Slides are allowed. Immediately afterwards, the jury will randomly ask you questions for 4 min. There are no restrictions on the content of the pitch. However we want you to keep in mind, that it’s all about idea-stage projects.

We don’t require a certain structure – just do your best to convince the voters and the Qualification Committee. Be sure to emphasize on the given judgement criteria. Furthermore, you might want to restrict the length of your content.

Feasibility, monetization potential, innovation, added social and/or ecological value.

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