Startup Day









Are you a motivated student curious about working at a startup? Do you want to gain more insight into where and how startups work? Or maybe you want to start your own company in the future?
Then join us on the 31st of March 2021 for the From Science to Startup Event!

Outlook of the day

The first part will consist of educational inputs from founders and experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The theme of the morning session is based on “From Science to Startup” a book by Anil Sethi. The second part consists of a startup tour where students will virtually visit multiple different Swiss startups to see first hand how they work and get a feel for the entrepreneur lifestyle.


Part 1: Scientist guide to entrepreneurship

Throughout our university career, most of us are focused on scientific research and education but as soon as we are exposed to the real world we have no clue how to convert our discoveries to a useful and successful business.
This event gives you the unique opportunity to bring ideas into action and learn useful methodologies to step into the entrepreneurship world.
You can apply as a team or as an individual with or without a business idea. You will get matched with other students to form a group of 5 people, and you will work on the selected science-based idea to produce a successful business model with the help of coaches and experts

Part 2: Meet the Startups
Take the chance to get to know four of Switzerland’s most exciting startups!

After a short introduction, you’ll get to have a chat with them and ask them questions about the entrepreneur life in small groups. After the event, you can stick around and chat in a more informal setting.

The Startups you will get to meet are:

  • Aeris Cleantec – Indoor air quality solutions eor everyone
  • ArcoScreen – GPCR drug discovery
  • Dimpora – Sustainable functional membranes for outdoor clothing
  • Microcaps – Microencapsulation to tailor and predict the release profile of a drug

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of students can participate?

We welcome applications from anyone who is curious to work in a startup, but current students (enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD program at a Swiss university) and recent graduates (from a Swiss university graduated not more than 1 year ago) are given priority.

Can i participate in only one part of the event

Yes this is possible. You may choose to participate in the entire event, or only the first part with the workshops.

In what language will the event be?

The event language is English.

How can I contact the organizer with further questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact ​