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17:00 – 22:00

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Celebrating the club’s 10-year anniversary, Launch by the ETH Entrepreneur Club embraces all three of its foundational pillars: inspire, educate, accelerate in a single flagship event. Through Launch, it is our vision to do away with exclusivity and make entrepreneurial resources accessible. On October 15th, 2021 at StageOne Oerlikon, the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of ETH and beyond will be on full display to an audience of 700+ and put in reach for those that dare to dream, and do it.

This will be Zurich’s first event that brings students, startups, professors, and professionals together under one roof to engage in an intergenerational and multidisciplinary debate on what entrepreneurship is about. Specifically, how to leverage the opportunities around us everyday to bring our ideas to orbit. What does this mean in down-to-earth terms?

700+ Participants

20+ Booths of partners, startups, NGOs, NPOs

15+ Workshops and Panels

1 Global Innovation CompetitionInCube Challenge 2021

Responsible Entrepreneurship

In light of present and future challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and socioeconomic inequality, it is paramount for our projects and collective endeavors to consider social, environmental and economic aspects from the beginning, not just as an afterthought. Launch is about helping students “bring their idea to orbit”, but it is essential to do so diligently and question how we get there. We need to make sure the world we’re leaving behind is a place we want to come back to.

Launch will host the Sustainability Pavilion, a space for participants to interact with key actors in the field. Additionally, keynotes and workshops will be held on related topics for participants to fully dive into learning how entrepreneurship can be used to promote lasting positive change.

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