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17:00 – 22:00


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Floor Plan

Main Stage Program

18:00 - 18:30
The Mindset of a Founder - What does it take to go from your idea to a startup?
18:30 - 18:50
Talent Kick - Brought to you by the Gerbert Rüf Stiftung
18:50 - 19:30
Women in STEM - How workplaces and schools need to adapt in order to attract and retain women in STEM fields
19:30 - 19:55
How to be an Entrepreneur at ETH - Why you should start your project as a student, and how to do it
19:55 - 20:15
Dandelion Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony - The first award to recognize professors for outstanding efforts to promote entrepreneurship at ETH Zurich
20:20 - 22:00
Incube Final Event

Workshops & Panels

Make sure that you have a general ticket for accessing Launch and then you can sign-up for individual workshops and panels. Workshops and panels have limited places available. Once the limit is reached sign-ups will automatically close. All workshops and panels will be held in english unless stated otherwise.

Mind that aside to having a valid certificate it will be mandatory to wear masks throughout workshops.

More workshops and panels to be announced soon!

Slot 1 17:00 - 18:00

All you need to know about project financing: crowdfunding, microcredit and funding from foundations

Want to finance your sustainable project or start-up but don’t know where to start? In this event you will learn the pros and cons of different project financing options.

What kind of event is this?

In this event you will learn the pros and cons of funding your project through crowdfunding, microcredits or seeking funding through foundations. In a cracking 60 minutes, you’ll get an insight into different ways of funding projects with:

Celine Fallet, CEO of WeMakeIt.

Céline Fallet has built the largest Swiss crowdfunding platform with wemakeit – and has already made countless projects possible. Also because she prefers the unusual ideas to the ordinary ones.

Here is the explanatory video on WeMakeIt.

Nadine Caprez, Co-CEO, Association GO!

The experienced entrepreneur, start-up advisor and board member will help your company move forward, whether it’s a start-up, a reorientation or a crisis. She founded the GO! association in February 2009. GO! enables you to receive a microloan of up to CHF 40,000 as an investment loan.

Explainer video of GO! The business model of GO! explained in 90 seconds

And a surprise guest on funding foundations

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Startup Jam Sessions are series of events that allow entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a group of like-minded people and receive high-quality feedback on their ideas. Events take place in group sessions led by mentors – coming from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from startups and venture capital to academia.

The collaborators for this version include Wingman, Übermorgen Ventures, Tomahawk VC and Swisspreneur.

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Let’s think and discuss how we can design the metrics we use to report our success to align more with a world we want our grandkids to live in. Looking forward to our workshop and to hearing your thoughts.

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Why your ethical risks matter – and how you can deal with them

Innovation is the imperative of our time. But innovation is not ethically neutral – innovative technologies and their applications in new business models reflect the values of the society in which they are developed. And of the individuals that design them. When values clash – and they do! – this can have detrimental effects on several levels, ranging from directly harming others or frustrating collaborators to disappointing customer and investor expectations or damaging company reputation. Innovators should thus be aware of ethical risks they incur – and be equipped with methods how to detect and to tackle them.

In this workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of nature and the relevance of ethical risks – and discuss strategies how to mitigate them. Jean-Daniel Strub from ethix – Lab for Innovation Ethics will explore with participants their own risk zones as well as ways of shedding light on them.

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Slot 2 18:00 - 19:00

Our actual linear and resource-intensive economic model is not sustainable. In Switzerland alone, we use 3 times more ressources, than we are entitled to (Swiss Earth Overshoot day beginning of May in 2021). 

In this session, we want to focus on the engaging side of things: many actors are paving the way towards a more regenerative and resource-light economy, adopting innovative circular business models and practices and leading to a major shift of mindset in our local economies and in the overall system. 

What are the current principles and business models of the Circular Economy? Who are the Swiss pioneers and how to be part of this movement? What is important to consider for entrepreneurs when launching a circular venture? 

Laurène Descamps will share her experience on working with 70+ circular ventures and in co-initiating a vibrant ecosystem for a Circular Economy Transition in Switzerland.

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Lakestar is one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms investing in technology companies led by extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Since spots are limited, we’d be glad to hear a bit about you. The survey will take 3-4 minutes to complete and will help us select participants.

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How can startups recruit the best talent? How to get the best talent with limited budgets? How to build great teams? What are some best practices in recruitment that we have seen with our partners? How can startups integrate this in their context? What is the role of informational interviews in this process?


Simon co-founded careerlunch.com, a platform that matches top talents with top employers for informal exchanges. The startup is operating in multiple countries and has dozens of Fortune 500 B2B customers. He also initiated detectnow.org, a non-profit that aims to build an AI to detect COVID-19 from cough sound recordings. The project won the #CodeVsCovid19 hackathon and is now seeking approval for a medical device.

He studied simultaneously in the two full-time programs, the MSc in Statistics at ETH Zurich and the MA in Strategy and International Management (SIM) at HSG. After he got kicked out of ETH for his double-enrolment (turns out this is not allowed), he co-founded two angel-backed companies while still finishing his studies at HSG. In 2018, he represented Switzerland at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

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Through this workshop you will get insides on: 

  • the current fundraising momentum in Switzerland
  • how banks like UBS might help along the way
  • how to prepare for fundraising
  • dos and don’ts in fundraising
  • (Bonus- only if time allows-: challenges on startup valuation and how this relates to the investors’ expectation)
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Well is an innovative digital health startup in Zurich that aims to build a digital health platform and revolutionize healthcare as we know it!

Well is driven by an ambitious growth vision, initially focused on the Swiss market with the potential to scale across Europe. Our digital health platform integrates and coordinates top-notch digital health services across all levels of care, to create a more convenient and cost-effective way to get the right treatment at the right time, ultimately ensuring better treatment of patients. A symptom checker for an initial diagnosis, medical assistance through telemedicine, booking a doctor’s appointments or ordering medication – that is the vision of the digital health platform. The platform is open to anyone living in Switzerland, as well as all health insurers, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers. Initial funding is secured by Allianz, CSS, Visana and Zur Rose.

Find out more about the joint venture where Accenture with its client remotely built a Startup!

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Slot 3 19:00 - 20:00

For many years, Zühlke has been supporting start-ups in the industrialisation of their ideas. Working in this environment is incredibly refreshing, yet there are some pitfalls to be aware of on the journey. 

Based on our experience we’re happy to share our insights and look forward to an open discussion with you about the following topics:

  • Collaboration & Team Development
  • Market Orientation
  • Product Roadmap
  • Innovation & Value Engineering
  • Anticipation of Cost & Time
  • Risk management & technical dept
  • Regulatory & Certifications
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When it comes to entrepreneurship, building a unicorn startup is still what is most preached about. However, more and more founders realize that the overshooting of ecological limits as well as the lacking foundations of social well-being for large parts of society present a huge opportunity for a different kind of entrepreneurship – one that contributes to a healthy planet and a thriving society. This is the world of zebra startups.

Zebra versus unicorn mindset – Maximizing positive societal impact instead of profits.

In this workshop, we show how the mindset of zebra startups differs from unicorns and how zebras have the potential to contribute to a prosperous society, healthy organizations and a regenerative economy.

Connectedness versus competition – Scaling positive societal impact through partnerships.

The particular focus of this workshop is on scaling positive societal impact through partnerships. While unicorn startups emphasize scaling strategies based on competition, zebra startups focus on connectedness and collaboration in scaling their societal impact. We will show participants concrete approaches how social entrepreneurs can scale their positive societal impact through partnerships with their ecosystems.

Florian Wieser and Stephanie Frick, Co-Leads of the area Startup & Innovation at SENS, will share their experiences in supporting social entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

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Technology & Entrepreneurship for tackling climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity is facing today and for the century to come. Our collective actions today determine how the near and long-term future will look like. How can entrepreneurship and tech be geared towards tackling climate change? How can it be part of the solution? What are the opportunities of founding a startup or kickstarting a project in this field? and what are the challenges?


Johannes Tiefenthaler, Co-founder Neustark
Alex Langguth, Co-founder übermorgen
Jonny Everett, Co-founder Build A Climate Startup
Petrissa Eckle, lead of the ETH sus.lab 
Stephanie Tauber Gomez, Senior Project Manager Ecosystem Innovation at Digital Switzerland

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Sustainability in the 20th century is commonly considered to include societal, economic, and environmental fields. At Launch we want to explore those topics from an ethical perspective, and discover how businesses address the different issues that arise from these domains. We will discuss about those ethical questions with founders from different background, under the moderation of Jean-Daniel Strub from Ethix.

Jean Daniel Strub (Ethix)
David Haber (Lakera)
Michele Gregorini (Diaxxo)
Liliane Ableitner (Exnaton)

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Disputes among founders in an early stage of the project – how to prepare for the worst case.

Florian Gunz Niedermann is a partner at Walder Wyss. He specialises in international and domestic M&A transactions (mainly private M&A and private equity) as well as transactions in the venture capital industry, with a focus on projects in the sectors e-commerce, healthcare and life sciences. In addition, he advises corporate clients on all matters of corporate and commercial law related to their daily operations as well as startups with regard to the implementation and financing of their business models.

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Food Trucks

Veganitas - Plant-based Pitas
Pizzamobil - Pizza
Loving Lanta - Curry

About Launch

Celebrating the club’s 10-year anniversary, Launch by the ETH Entrepreneur Club embraces all three of its foundational pillars: inspire, educate, accelerate in a single flagship event. Through Launch, it is our vision to do away with exclusivity and make entrepreneurial resources accessible. On October 15th, 2021 at StageOne Oerlikon, the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of ETH and beyond will be on full display to an audience of 700+ and put in reach for those that dare to dream, and do it.

This will be Zurich’s first event that brings students, startups, professors, and professionals together under one roof to engage in an intergenerational and multidisciplinary debate on what entrepreneurship is about. Specifically, how to leverage the opportunities around us everyday to bring our ideas to orbit. What does this mean in down-to-earth terms?

700+ Participants

20+ Booths of partners, startups, NGOs, NPOs

15+ Workshops and Panels

1 Global Innovation CompetitionInCube Challenge 2021

& Hosting the AI+X Summit by ETH AI Center

Responsible Entrepreneurship

In light of present and future challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and socioeconomic inequality, it is paramount for our projects and collective endeavors to consider social, environmental and economic aspects from the beginning, not just as an afterthought. Launch is about helping students “bring their idea to orbit”, but it is essential to do so diligently and question how we get there. We need to make sure the world we’re leaving behind is a place we want to come back to.

Launch will host the Better Future Space made possible by Patagonia, a space for participants to interact with key actors in the field. Additionally, keynotes and workshops will be held on related topics for participants to fully dive into learning how entrepreneurship can be used to promote lasting positive change.

Want to hop on board with us to prepare for Launch?

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