18:00 – 19:00

Are you interested in building your own startup? Do you have questions about the foundation itself and especially how to finance your business?

We have the answers for you! Meet experts from UBS at our event “Money Matters – Founding and growing your startup with UBS” who will answer your questions and will talk about their experience in helping entrepreneurs growing their business.

This event is addressed to everyone who is interested in starting up their business or already did so.


  • Welcome and Introduction – 5′
  • Christian Mähr (Head Digital Corporate Bank Schweiz, UBS): Dos and Don’ts for the incorporation – 15′
  • First Q&A about incorporation – 10′
  • Lukas Reinhardt/Jan Lederhausen (UBS Growth Advisory): Financing – 15′
  • Second Q&A about financing – 10′
  • Wrap up and Closing – 5′

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