Timeline: Spring 2022

06.04.2022 Startup Tour
31.03.2022 Innovator Speed Dating
13.04.2022 Startup Speed Dating
18.05.2022 FuckUp Nights

Descriptions of our Events:

The world faces many complex problems that heavily impact the way individuals, companies and institutions interact. Entrepreneurship can help address some of these challenges by driving innovative and unprecedented solutions. Universities are in a unique position to inspire their students to acknowledge real-world problems with an entrepreneurial perspective. Providing a dynamic environment and cooperating closely with corporate partners are necessary prerequisites to realize this vision.

InCube helps to bridge this gap, by bringing together universities, students and companies in an inspiring environment. Working in a confined place provides a special setting where innovative ideas are proposed, planned and executed by driven students. The complimentary educational journey ensures that students are equipped with the proper methodologies, tools and skills to evolve an abstract idea into a prototype that they can develop further.

Launch by ETH Entrepreneur Club embraces all the three foundational pillars –inspire, educate, accelerate– of the ETH EC in one single flagship event. Through Launch, it is our vision to break through exclusivity and make entrepreneurial resources accessible. On the 15th of October 2021 at Stage One Oerlikon, the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of ETH, Zürich, and beyond will be made tangible and reachable to those that dare to dream – and do it. 

This will be Zurich’s first ever event bringing together students, startups, professors and professionals under one roof to engage in an intergenerational and multidisciplinary debate on what entrepreneurship is all about – and how to leverage the vast opportunities surrounding us every single day to bring our ideas to orbit. What does this mean in down-to-earth terms? Launch will provide an immersive experience through Workshops, Live Pitch Competition of the InCube Challenge 2021, Panel Discussions, each dealing with a plethora of topics focusing on cutting-edge technologies to how to make a business model future-fit.

Stories of success are incomplete without stories of failures.
During this inspiring evening, we bring together diverse, high-profile speakers to share stories of their past failures and unexpected twists in life, and most importantly, how these events have brought them closer to their successes today. They embrace their professional and personal fuckups in an attempt to shatter the taboo surrounding failure and show us what we can learn from our mistakes.
Join us in this movement to be bold, adventurous, and unafraid of failing. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to hear the captivating stories of entrepreneurs and high-level executives followed by a Q&A session.

Looking for a job or an internship in some of Switzerland’s most exciting startups? 

Then sign up for this semester’s edition of Startup Speed Dating!

You’ll have the chance to chat and ask questions to their founders, see if it’s a fit for you and setup an interview if there’s a match.

Are you a motivated student curious about working at a startup? Do you want to gain more insight into where and how startups work? Or maybe you want to start your own company in the future?

The first part will consist of educational inputs from founders and experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The second part consists of a startup tour where students will visit multiple different Swiss startups to see first hand how they work and get a feel for the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Launching Startup Jam Sessions!

We’re launching ‘Startup Jam Sessions’ – a series of events where we bring together seasoned founders with people who just started to think about their venture. Inspired by musical jam sessions, this is a place for you to come and think out loud about business ideas. No agendas, no keynotes. Just a group of people thinking about how to change the world through technology ventures.

Supported by Tomahawk.VC, ETH Entrepreneur Club and Swisspreneur